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Thermometer mit Digitalanzeige - Blau

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This thermometer with blue backlight allows temperature measurements at any spot inside and... mehr

This thermometer with blue backlight allows temperature measurements at any spot inside and outside of the system. With the temperature display you can always have an eye on the temperature of e.g. your graphics card, PSU, CPU, HDD or simply the case temperature.

Technical details:
Connector: Loop-through 4-Pin Molex
Dimensions:: 4,8 x 2,8 x 1,9cm
Temperature measuring range: 0 to 90°C

L°C means: No connection (check cable from sensor to display)
H°C means: Reversed voltage / short (Sensor-display cable connected the wrong way)
-xx°C means: same as H°C

Please note: The temperature is measured with a permanently attached foil sensor which cannot be replaced.





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